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At PEER, we proudly present the ¡Cuídate! program, a comprehensive sexual health initiative tailored for 9th-grade health classes. "Cuidate," Spanish for "Take care of yourself," offers students in-depth, culturally sensitive education on sexual health, combining age-appropriate content with Colorado's educational standards. Rooted in fostering understanding, respect, and informed decision-making, the program

emphasizes the importance of safe practices, healthy relationships, and self-awareness.


Key Components of Sexual Health Education in Colorado (9th Grade):

  • Advanced Human Development & Maturation: Delving deeper into the complexities of the human reproductive system, hormonal changes, and menstrual cycle.

  • Healthy Relationships & Consent: An emphasis on understanding the nuances of consent, mutual respect, and characteristics of healthy versus unhealthy relationships.

  • Decision Making & Communication: Building on foundational skills to empower students to make informed decisions about personal health and relationships, and reinforcing effective communication strategies.

  • STIs, Prevention, and Treatment: Providing a comprehensive overview of sexually transmitted infections, their prevention, and the importance of early detection and treatment.

  • Pregnancy, Contraception, and Reproductive Choices: Offering insights into human reproduction, various contraceptive methods, and equipping students to make informed decisions about family planning.

  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity: Creating an inclusive environment where diverse identities and orientations are understood and respected, while addressing potential biases and prejudices.

  • Personal Safety Online and Offline: Educating students on the potential risks in the digital age, recognizing signs of abuse, and understanding the importance of seeking help when needed.

For many reasons, PEER believes sexual health education is important and beneficial for students and families. Evidence-based sexual health education can improve academic success; prevent dating violence, and bullying; help youth develop healthier relationships; delay sexual initiation; reduce unplanned pregnancy, HIV, and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs); and reduce sexual health disparities among LGBTQ youth. Additionally, sexual health education reduces sexual risk behavior by delaying sexual initiation, reducing pregnancy and STIs, and increasing contraceptive use.

The primary goals of the sexual health program delivered by PEER of Eagle County are

1) To reduce teenage pregnancy in Eagle County, 2) To reduce the transmission of STIs in Eagle County among 15-24 year olds, and 3) To provide medically accurate information to students, and inform them of local health resources.

It's imperative for parents and guardians to know they retain the right to excuse their children from the ¡Cuídate! program that PEER provides. Please note that maturation education curricula can evolve; for the latest details, we recommend consulting the Colorado Department of Education or your local school district.

2020 Colorado Academic Standards - Comprehensive Health

¡Cuídate! Program Summary 

9th Grace

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